Running a Simulation

A Trading Simulation session can be run using any existing VisualTrader Map that has data collected. You should open the VisualTrader Map you would like to use for the Simulation and make sure the correct settings are enabled prior to running it. Simulation Mode is accessed from the Playback tool in VisualTrader.

Follow the instructions below to run a Simulation.

1. Open the VisualTrader Map you would like to use for the Simulation.

2. Set the Timeframe, Strategies and Patterns you will be using.

3. Click View » Playback Feature to bring the tool onto the Map.

4, Click the Simulator button found on the Playback tool.

Playback Tool image

Playback Tool

5. The Start Simulator Dialogue box will appear asking if you would like to Start a new Simulation Session or Continue an Existing Simulation Session. Make your selection and click OK.

Start Simulator Dialogue Box image

Start Simulator Dialogue Box

6. The Simulator is loaded and is indicated by the data feed connection status turning red in the VisualTrader Map indicating that it is disconnected from the feed. The Simulator button will blink and the Brokerage Toolbar will change to read Simulation Mode.

The time frame that was selected when entering Simulation Mode will become the Primary Data Period and will remain highlighted until Simulation Mode has been exited. You may switch to other time frames while in a Simulation, but the advancing of data is disabled while viewing data periods other than the Primary Data Period. In order to access the Next, Pause, and Play buttons you will need to return to the Primary Data Period.

VisualTrader Map with Simulation Mode Active  image

VisualTrader Map with Simulation Mode Active

7. Set the speed to Fast, Medium or High and position the Playback Start Flag on the slider bar.

8. Press Play to begin the Simulation and the start date will appear to the left of the Simulator button.

The Pause button will temporarily stop the simulation and the Next button can be used to advance the Map by one bar while paused. Pressing Play will resume the Simulation. Stop will end the Simulation and return the Map to the current date/time.

9. End the Simulation by clicking the Simulator button again. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm exiting the Simulator.

Simulation Exit Dialogue Box  image

Simulation Exit Dialogue Box

Trading in Simulation Mode

Trading with the Simulator is fun and easy. There is no limit to the number of positions that can be taken in Simulation Mode and VisualTrader will manage them automatically using Trade Plans.

1. View the Map and Opportunity List to find good candidates.

2. Click a symbol in the Map or List to bring load a chart and drag the Chevron onto the chart to open a simulated position.

3. The Trade Plan window will appear allowing you to select the Trade Plan you want VisualTrader to use to manage the trade.

4. Enter the Quantity and click the Submit button.

5. The open position will appear in the Position Summary window at the bottom of VisualTrader.

6. Positions can be monitored in the Simulation Mode portfolio account. Click the Accounts button on your Brokerage Toolbar to access the portfolio.

Simulation Mode Options

Simulation Mode options are found by clicking Tools » Options » Playback.

Simulation Mode Option Dialog Box image

Simulation Mode Option Dialog Box

Enabling this option will allow completed bars (future data) to be visible in other time frames. This option handles how the current bar is displayed when switching to other data periods that isn't the Primary Data Period. With the option unchecked (the default selection), higher time frame bars will not be displayed in charts until the Primary Data Period has caught up to completed bar of the higher time frame. With the option enabled you are able to view higher time frame completed bars which can lead to cheating.

For example, with the option enabled, your primary data period is set to 5 minutes, viewing the 1:30PM bar and you then switch to the 15 minute time frame, the 1:30 bar now shows the completed 15 minute bar. If the option is disabled, viewing the 15 minute data period will show the last completed bar (1:15pm).

Activating the Playback Feature

To activate the Playback Feature, click on View » Playback Feature. The Playback Feature will appear at the bottom of your VisualTrader screen.

When using the Playback Feature, you can have the current playback date indicated on charts in one of two ways. You can have a red vertical line illustrating the date, or you can have the chart adjust so that the playback date is the last bar on the chart. To specify which option you would like, right-click on Playback Feature Control and select your desired preference.

Running the Playback

There are a few different ways to run the playback. You can grab the green slider and scroll back and forward to different moments in time to see how the Map looked at that particular instant. You can also use the arrows on each side of the scroll bar to move back and forward one bar at a time.

The most commonly used method of playback is to use the Playback Start Flag. Position this flag where you would like the playback to begin, and then each time that you click the Play button, the playback will automatically start at that point and run to the current bar.

Playback Start Flag image

Playback Start Flag

Viewing Momentum Shifts

When you engage the Playback Feature, you can see the momentum shifts from one industry group to another. The Playback Feature not only shows you the state of the market at particular time, but it also displays the shift in the strength and weaknesses of industry groups. By letting the Playback Feature “play” over the latest bars of data, you will see certain groups gain momentum, helping you to confirm the direction of the group as well as the market as a whole.

Another use of the playback tool is to see the type of candidates that each Transform will present for you. We recommend that you use the Playback Feature to actually see how each Transform reacts to market data. This will help you in deciding which Transform best suits your trading style.

Playback Feature image

Playback Feature

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