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VisualTrader owners are making money trading with this amazing program. Here’s what VT owners are saying:

“VisualTrader makes it really easy to monitor a huge amount of securities at any time and target the ones that are about to move.” – Daniel Bevan

“A picture is worth a thousand words and VisualTrader is worth thousands of dollars!”
- Christian Sheldon

“VisualTrader is definitely the best tool available for seeing the whole market and how it is changing. With that capability, it then goes on to give the best view of what groups are moving and what is best within that group.” – Gary Barber

“VisualTrader is like no other tool in the market today. The ability to see the entire market by sector, by stock…all in real time…is invaluable.” – Jeff McClure

“It is hard to imagine trading without VisualTrader.” – Robert Birchfield

“VisualTrader is by far the best program I have come across for monitoring the market movement and rotation. I can’t imagine trading without it.” – Rashid Siddiqui

“To me, trading has an element to it that is not easily reduced to a mathematical precision. When I traded on the CBOE floor, we referred to it as feeling a ‘tone change.’ VT is a far more tangible way of seeing and feeling those changes in directions over multiple timeframes.”
– Barry Schrager

“VisualTrader is my ONE critical tool. It is unparalleled for making the complexity of the market simple to understand. For me it has been a license to print profit – year after year.” – Peter Brooks

“VisualTrader has helped me tremendously in visually locating the sectors where all the action is taking place, and then quickly drill down to specific stocks within those sectors that have the best patterns for profitable option trades. VT lets me see the ebb and flow of the market.
– Mike Sullivan

“What I like very much is that VisualTrader is improved every year and that Nirvana Systems listens to what their customers like and want.– Manfred Janssen

“VisualTrader is hands down the most powerful program ever created…visually helps maintain a positive cash flow!” – Don Cole