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Visual Trader

There are three different versions of VisualTrader that cater to the needs of various types of traders: the End-of-Day edition, the Real Time edition, and the Professional edition.

  • The End-of-Day edition is the perfect tool for traders who monitor their positions on a daily basis, but are essentially unconcerned with the small intraday market moves.
  • The Real Time edition is for active traders, who are constantly watching the market throughout the trading session.
  • With the Professional edition, we add a whole new level of customizability and functionality. In addition to the Real Time features, VisualTrader Pro allows the user to code their own measurements, indicators, systems, and more in OmniLanguage, our easy to use scripting language.

Notes on Data Services: We provide End-of-Day and Real time data (OmniData) for our VisualTrader platform.

Other supported data providers: For Real Time analysis, the software also works with eSignal, Xenith and IQ Feed data streams. For End-of-Day, non-streaming data, you can also use Worden Brothers data, as well as other sources that use the Metastock data format.