VisualTrader 9: Getting Started

VisualTrader Users:
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VisualTrader Getting Started
Learn how to use the essential features of VisualTrader.
VisualTrader Configuring VisualTrader
Discover how to customize every aspect of the software, including charts, strategies, history and map.
VisualTrader Advanced Features
Learn about the unique features that only VisualTrader has that will help you find and trade the best candidates. Features include: Signal Alerts, Layouts and Group Consensus Signals.
VisualTrader New Features by Version
Customers who are upgrading from an older version can see what was added in recent releases.
VisualTrader Making money with VT9
Ideas on how to use VisualTrader to spot opportunities in the market with specific approaches to outlined for End of Day and Real Time trading.
VisualTrader Tips
Special tips on how to get the most out of the software including
additional resources.